Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Public Speaking: Museum of the City

Laurel Kurtz
Sandy Sampson
Jimmy Moore (music)
Chrissie McConnell (video)

Date and times: Thurs. Sept. 11th 2008 8:45AM, 9:03AM, 9:43AM, and 10:10AM

Location: Waterfront Park
north of the Hawthorne Bridge
below (east) the Salmon Street Springs Fountain
at SW Naito and SW Salmon street.

Laurel Kurtz, and Sandy Sampson, under the auspices of Parallel University, do interpretive speech recreation from verbatim unedited transcripts of “the peoples’” words previously gathered at Waterfront Park. FREE!

"As Social Practice artists often engaging the public outside of the institution, it’s fitting that we will not only be outside, but outside of an institution that does not yet exist."

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