Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Show at the Autzen Gallery

Come by and see documentation and artifacts from our Neighborhood Projects

Autzen Gallery at PSU
Neuberger Hall, 2nd Floor,
724 SW Harrison St.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Neighborhood Projects Opening Reception

Neighborhood Projects
Opening Reception

906A NE 24th Ave.
Friday, September 5th, 6-9pm

Please join us for a celebration and kick-off for Neighborhood Projects at the Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township and Activity Destination for the Living Arts (welcomes you). Opening ceremonies will provide information about upcoming projects, including a supplemental TBA catalog, and will feature fabulous snacks and refreshments.

Stick around till 9pm to witness Brian Merkel begin his 24-hour residency at the Pancake Clubhouse by punching a hole in the wall. Brian asks that you bring objects in need of repair* to the opening reception, to be fixed during his residency, which he is calling "Artist as Handyman. Repair Shop, Show Room, Performance."

*definition of "repair" to be interpreted by the artist/handyman.

Opening will also feature a soundscape installation by Urban Edibles.

We love you!

Exploring Hood Lore

Laurel Kurtz
Sandy Sampson
Chris Andreae
Dates and Times: Monday Sept. 1st to Friday Sept. 5th
Everyday between 11:00 and 11:10 am in one minute intervals
Locations: KBOO 90.7 fM

Laurel Kurtz and Sandy Sampson under the auspices of Parallel University and in Collaboration with Chris Andreae, and KBOO Community Radio will broadcast a time based art piece on the radio.
In five minutes spread over five days directions for a neighborhood intervention will be given so that all within earshot can collaborate and generate a time based art project right in their own neighborhood.

See project link on side bar "TBA Projects" for more information, or just click HERE.

Making Sense of Suffering, Seitanic Petition, and The Convenience Truth

September 4th-13th at noon, The Living Room Theater, 341 SW Tenth Avenue. Portland OR 97205 FREE ADMISSION

1. "Making Sense of Suffering": International acclaimed psychology research made into a documentary. Artist names: R. Shubha (India), Varinthorn Christopher (Thailand), Michael Christopher (US), Mohsen Golmohammadian (Iran), Parisa Yaseminejad (Iran), Meena Kharkwal (India). Curator & Director: Varinthorn Christopher.

September 4th-13th
2. "Seitanic Petition" Artist names: Varinthorn & Michael Christopher
Sponsored by Turtle Island Foods, maker of the yummy Tofurky, Varinthorn & Michael will be handing out Tofurky Jurky and encouraging you to sign a petition asking neighborhood bodegas, gas station mini-marts, Plaid Pantry's, & 7/11's to start carrying locally-made healthy vegan treat.

September 4th-13th
3. "The Convenience Truth" Artist name: Varinthorn Christopher
At the New Seasons supermarket, Varinthorn will be putting stickers on some items in the store to inform buyers about the carcinogens that are contain in such products (ex. M&M's have yellow #10 which is made from coal tar, a know carcinogen).

Personal Advisor

Ariana Jacob and Katy Asher

Personal Advisor is a service that will be available to anyone looking for perspective or suggestions on living their daily lives. Participants in this service will be linked with other advice seekers to mutually provide thoughtful consideration on one matter of pressing importance in each of their lives. The attendants at Personal Advisor can be found in a bright blue booth at locations around Portland enrolling people for advising services. Sign up for this free service that allows you to view the concerns of your life through the eyes of others.

TH 9/4 6pm-8pm Jamison Square + 10-? Works
FR 9/5 4pm-6pm West Side Esplanade

MO 9/8 5pm-7pm Mississippi St+ 10-? Works
TU 9/9 4pm-6pm NW 21st ave

FR 9/12 4pm-6pm Hawthorne + 10-? Works
SA 9/13 4pm-6pm Pioneer Square

Daisy Chain: Voodoo Doughnut Too

Sandy Sampson

Date and time: Ongoing; artist will be on site most weekdays from 11am to 2 pm
Video Screening Wednesday September 10th 8:30pm
Location: Voodoo Doughnut Too 1501 NE Davis Street (right by the Sandy Hut)

Sandy uses Google earth to launch a daisy chain adventure filled with strangers who live, work and visit the neighborhood where Voodoo Doughnut Too lives. She invites you to get involved by making your mark on the map; stop by Voodoo Donuts Too any time any day (except between 3 am and 6 am.) The project will be ongoing for the duration of TBA with a special celebration and video screening on September 10th at 830 pm.

For more information check out the TBA projects side bar or click HERE

24-Hour Residency Program: Brian Merkel

Brian Merkel

Artist as Handyman. Repair Shop, Show Room, Performance.

update! See documentation of the artist/handyman residency here.

September 5th-7th
At the Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township and Activity Destination for the Living Arts (welcomes you)

During the opening reception of Neighborhood Projects, Brian Merkel will punch a hole in the wall of the Pancake Clubhouse. For the 24 hour period following this action, Merkel will be hosting a repair shop. Please bring objects in need of repair* to the opening performance. Objects might include: tables, chairs, lamps, sculptures...etc. Repaired objects will be returned the night of the closing performance, when the hole in the wall will be mended.

*definition of "repair" to be interpreted by the artist/handyman

Opening Performance Friday, September 5th 9pm
Closing Performance Sunday, September 7th 9pm

The 24-hour Residency Program is an ongoing project organized and facilitated by Cyrus Smith for the Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township and Activity Destination for the Living Arts (welcomes you). During the 24-hour period of a residency, Cyrus acts as assistant, cook, and documentarian in order to bring focused attention to deserving artists and projects.

Drinking Beer With Friends And Working

Eric Steen
Dates and Times: please see below
Locations: please see below

Eric Steen invites you to experience labor and leisure with him as he drinks beer with his friends. Each day of the TBA fest, he will be enjoying one of his favorite east-side Portland pubs while he talks with his friends about anything that comes up. He will also have information available about his work and a jar for tipping him.

Eric Steen also gives tribute to Tom Marioni's "Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art."

Dates and Locations:
Sept 5 – Fri - - Horse Brass Pub (4534 SE Belmont)
Sept 6 – Sat - McMenamins Kennedy School (5736 NE 33rd Ave.)
Sept 7 – Sun - Laurelwood Brew Pub (5115 NE Sandy Blvd.)
Sept 8 – Mon – Amnesia Brew Pub (832 N Beech St.)
Sept 9 – Tues - Lompoc Hedge House (3412 SE Division)
Sept 10 – Wed – Lucky Lab (915 SE Hawthorne Blvd.)
Sept 11 – Laurelhurst Theater (2735 E Burnside) - Movie is The Fall 9:35pm
Sept 12 – Fri - Hopworks Brew Pub (2944 SE Powell Blvd.)
Sept 13 – Sat - Green Dragon (928 SE 9th)
Sept 14 – Sun - McMenamins Barley Mill Pub (1629 SE Hawthorne Blvd.)

Monday-Thursday 3:00pm, Friday – Sunday 9:30pm
Movie on Sept 11 is The Fall and starts at 9:35pm

urban meets wild

Join us as we climb Portland's secret staircases for an adventure to Forest Park. Learn about edible plants and weeds along the way as well as identify plants in Forest Park. This walk will last approximately 2 hours.

In addition to the walk, we would like to invite you to check out a live sound installation and environment inspired by the natural world. This happens Friday September 5th at the Pancake Clubhouse as apart of Neighborhood Projects opening celebration.

Learn more about urban edibles at

Art Talk AM on the Radio: Kristan Kennedy

Art Talk AM on the Radio
with your host: Cyrus Smith

Mondays 12:00-1:00

98.1 FM on campus
Streaming at

Monday September 8th, Art Talk AM will host Kristan Kennedy, Visual Art Program Director of the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, host of the Time Based Art Festival. Join us live online as we discuss all things TBA.


Available nowhere on the AM dial, and now scheduled in the afternoon, “Art Talk AM on the Radio” relies on its mellow mood and conversational tone to live up to the “AM” title. Guests to the show are invited to engage in a one hour conversation about their work, as well as provide a few audio tracks to share with the audience. Usually in conjunction with the PSU MFA Monday Night Lecture Series, during the summer Art Talk AM instead focuses on Portland area artists curators, and cultural producers of all kinds.

Public Speaking: Museum of the City

Laurel Kurtz
Sandy Sampson
Jimmy Moore (music)
Chrissie McConnell (video)

Date and times: Thurs. Sept. 11th 2008 8:45AM, 9:03AM, 9:43AM, and 10:10AM

Location: Waterfront Park
north of the Hawthorne Bridge
below (east) the Salmon Street Springs Fountain
at SW Naito and SW Salmon street.

Laurel Kurtz, and Sandy Sampson, under the auspices of Parallel University, do interpretive speech recreation from verbatim unedited transcripts of “the peoples’” words previously gathered at Waterfront Park. FREE!

"As Social Practice artists often engaging the public outside of the institution, it’s fitting that we will not only be outside, but outside of an institution that does not yet exist."

For more information go to link on side bar or click here

Listen to My Dad, Charles Kurtz, Talk About Birds

On September 11th, at 2:30PM, people are welcome to come over to Charles Kurtz’s backyard in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood and listen while he recounts his experiences over the years of attracting birds to his home. After the talk there will be a period of questions and answers, and participants are welcome to share their own stories.

610 SE 61st, Portland, Oregon, 97215
between Belmont and Stark

There is a gray metalic
Toyota station wagon in
the driveway.


click here: BIRDRAINBOWS


Avalon Kalin will be asking volunteers to break through the butcher-paper covered door of a Portland cafe during the TBA festival. The public is invited to view and participate. Inspired by Sierra Norris.

September 12th, 13th, 14th
Legare's Cafe
1532 SE Clinton St
Portland, OR 97202

The Official Unofficial Goodwill Residency Program

Expanding on a past project where she unofficially designated herself as Artist in Residence at the Goodwill Super Store in SE Portland, Laurel Kurtz is coordinating a project administered by the Office of Inclusion and Parallel University for PICA’s Time Based Art Festival’s Neighborhood Projects where she has unofficially officially appointed Vicki Lynn Wilson and John larsen as Artists in Residence in the same locale.

Using only a laptop, camera, and materials and sounds that can be found at the Goodwill Outlet store on 1943 SE Sixth Ave., Vicki Lynn Wilson and John Larsen will create a stop motion animation of approximately 4 minutes. Saturday, September 13, 9pm, Video screening and reception at Nosh, 2030 SE 7th Ave Portland, OR 97214 (503) 239-6674, 1 block from the Goodwill.

CALL FOR STAGE HANDS, EXTRAS, GRIPS AND FOLEY ASSISTANTS: This is an open call for volunteer assistance in the making of a stop motion animation movie at 1943 SE Sixth Ave. Ave on Friday September 12th from 10am to 8pm.

Read more here: The Official Unofficial Goodwill Residency Program

Society of the Spectacle english overdub screenings

Avalon Kalin will by screening an unofficial english overdub of the infamous situationist documentary The Society of the Spectacle (Guy Debord 1973) that he prepared himself using Ken Knabb's translation. Contains nudity. Free and open to the public. For more information on this film go here.

Friday September 12th
Pancake Clubhouse
906A NE 24th Ave.
Portland, OR 97232

Saturday September 13th
Legare's Cafe
1532 SE Clinton St
Portland, OR 97202

24-Hour Residency Program: Amy Steel

Home Away from Home Redecoration Program.

September 13th-14th
Closing Reception: September 14th, 3pm-5pm
At the Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township and Activity Destination for the Living Arts (welcomes you)

For Amy Steel fall is a time to nest and prepare for the winter. For the 24 hour residency at Pancake Clubhouse Amy will be redecorating the residency space and guest room. A publication will be made about the Residency. This project will also become a public project for and the publication will be added to Hideous Beasts Leisure library.

This project will end with a craft afternoon where everyone will be invited to craft things for Pancake Clubhouse, Sunday September 14th, 3pm-5pm. The craft afternoon will also act as the closing ceremony for Neighborhood Projects.

The 24-hour Residency Program is an ongoing project organized and facilitated by Cyrus Smith for the Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township and Activity Destination for the Living Arts (welcomes you). During the 24-hour period of a residency, Cyrus acts as assistant, cook, and documentarian in order to bring focused attention to deserving artists and projects.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Neighborhood Projects Media

Neighborhood Projects Media
Cyrus Smith reporting


Neighborhood Projects Media:
Congratulations Cookies
Neighborhood Projects Opening Reception
Urban Edibles Plant Walk
Artist as Handyman: Brian Merkel
VooDoo Too
Museum of the City
Drinking Beer With Friends and Working
The Unofficial Goodwill Residency Program

Man on the Street Interviews:
Alex Jones
Robbie and Olivia
David Lucas
Sarah Mirk

Throughout TBA Cyrus Smith will be acting as a reporter to his fellow classmates' projects. Reports will be posted on the Neighborhood Projects blog, documenting the process and progress of this often elusive medium we call "social practice."

Keep an eye out, as Cyrus will also be out collecting "man on the street" interviews all over Portland, during the run of TBA 08.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


During the TBA festival, Avalon Kalin will be roaming Portland neighborhoods asking people to help him realize the Raymond Carver short story Viewfinder. This will involve them buying (or maybe just accepting) a photo of their home taken by the artist, and perhaps a walk-around of several portraits of them and their home, if they wish.

If you would like to participate in this project, please email Avalon at avalonkalin AT yahoo DOT com.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stranger Moments

PSU student Avalon Kalin asked volunteers to do short scripted and non-scripted re-enactments from the moments of real people's lives that Avalon recorded during his residency at Enterbeing, located two blocks from the Bietz lot. We walked around the neighborhood doing performances at houses, bus stops, a laundromat and similar places.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

movement exchange

Participants were invited to exchange a movement. A movement could be a simple gesture such as a high five or handshake, a dance move, or a movement of the head, neck, or torso. Look for video footage for the event to be posted within the week. Also visit

Sunday, June 1, 2008

a lot of ___Vanguard Press____

Here is link to some press we received in PSU's Daily Vanguard.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meet and Greet BBQ

Last Sunday may have started off as a rainy and dreary day, but by 2:00 the rain had stopped and people were walking around the Alberta neighborhood again. That day Eric Steen and Sandy Sampson hosted the Meet and Greet BBQ at The Lot. People from that community had been invited and encouraged to bring something for the grill. Neighbors contributed chicken, corn, salad, and drinks. Marco Frattaroli, a local restaurant owner, roasted a pig and there were veggie burgers as well. About 25 community members met each other for the first time.

Eric and Sandy used the Meet and Greet primarily as a way to meet people in the neighborhood. They also used the day to launch the Neighborhood Resource Exchange, which essentially will connect neighbors who can help each other in various ways. Neighbors can fill out a form and drop it in a box near the lot if they have any needs or resources to offer other community members.

Sandy has a slideshow here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Launch Day Film Stills

A few stills from the moon launch footage.

Moon Launch a Total Disaster

Dear Loyal Supporters.

I regret to inform you that my recent moon launch was entirely unsuccessful. Though I am truly embarrassed at the utter failure of my attempt, I appreciate your continuing support. Please stay tuned as I continue my quest to embark on the first moon voyage by an astronaut assuming unsolicited corporate sponsorship.

Please enjoy this inspirational quote in recompense for the pepsi-mentos rocket fuel debacle.

"Freedoms ring will never ring brighter than when moon temples shine brightly in the nights sky."

-anonymous aspiring astronaut

most sincerely,


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moon Launch this Sunday!

May 18th
Pepsi Rocket Ship Moon Voyage Launch!
host: Cyrus W Smith

Cyrus W Smith will be kicking off the a lot of ______ event series with a a very special moon voyage launch party! Traveling on his home made Pepsi rocket ship, this exciting countdown will have fabulous prizes and refreshments. Upon reaching the moon, Cyrus hopes to enslave the space monkeys who live on the moon, erecting a temple, and eventually manufacturing a rocket ship for a return to earth.

Cyrus Smith is a huge fan of Michael Jordan, Christmas, and the Pepsi-Cola soft drink corporation. Often described as "unendingly optimistic," Cyrus devotes most of his time to a mail art project (, a radio program (, and The Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township an Activity Destination for the Living Arts (welcomes you), an art-type situation and event space in NE Portland. (

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Lot of Projects

This blog will be dedicated to the documentation of "a lot of _______," a series of convergences, experiments, collaborations, and adventures initiated by the students of the PSU MFA Social Practice Program. Originally located at Neghborhood Projects (15th and Alberta), just south of Alberta on 15th street, Neighborhood Projects had now expanded to encompass activities all over Portland, Oregon. Please see project posts, map, and calendar for details on current endeavors.