Friday, August 22, 2008

Neighborhood Projects Media

Neighborhood Projects Media
Cyrus Smith reporting


Neighborhood Projects Media:
Congratulations Cookies
Neighborhood Projects Opening Reception
Urban Edibles Plant Walk
Artist as Handyman: Brian Merkel
VooDoo Too
Museum of the City
Drinking Beer With Friends and Working
The Unofficial Goodwill Residency Program

Man on the Street Interviews:
Alex Jones
Robbie and Olivia
David Lucas
Sarah Mirk

Throughout TBA Cyrus Smith will be acting as a reporter to his fellow classmates' projects. Reports will be posted on the Neighborhood Projects blog, documenting the process and progress of this often elusive medium we call "social practice."

Keep an eye out, as Cyrus will also be out collecting "man on the street" interviews all over Portland, during the run of TBA 08.

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