Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Personal Advisor

Ariana Jacob and Katy Asher

Personal Advisor is a service that will be available to anyone looking for perspective or suggestions on living their daily lives. Participants in this service will be linked with other advice seekers to mutually provide thoughtful consideration on one matter of pressing importance in each of their lives. The attendants at Personal Advisor can be found in a bright blue booth at locations around Portland enrolling people for advising services. Sign up for this free service that allows you to view the concerns of your life through the eyes of others.

TH 9/4 6pm-8pm Jamison Square + 10-? Works
FR 9/5 4pm-6pm West Side Esplanade

MO 9/8 5pm-7pm Mississippi St+ 10-? Works
TU 9/9 4pm-6pm NW 21st ave

FR 9/12 4pm-6pm Hawthorne + 10-? Works
SA 9/13 4pm-6pm Pioneer Square

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