Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moon Launch this Sunday!

May 18th
Pepsi Rocket Ship Moon Voyage Launch!
host: Cyrus W Smith

Cyrus W Smith will be kicking off the a lot of ______ event series with a a very special moon voyage launch party! Traveling on his home made Pepsi rocket ship, this exciting countdown will have fabulous prizes and refreshments. Upon reaching the moon, Cyrus hopes to enslave the space monkeys who live on the moon, erecting a temple, and eventually manufacturing a rocket ship for a return to earth.

Cyrus Smith is a huge fan of Michael Jordan, Christmas, and the Pepsi-Cola soft drink corporation. Often described as "unendingly optimistic," Cyrus devotes most of his time to a mail art project (, a radio program (, and The Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township an Activity Destination for the Living Arts (welcomes you), an art-type situation and event space in NE Portland. (


Katy Asher said...

Hope you're prepared for any possible run-ins with space monkeys!

sanone trombone said...

Best image ever, I wouldn't worry about those space monkeys. Just show them this snapshot and they will understand they are in the presence of the undaunted!

laurel said...